If You Were Born In The 60s-80s, You Have To Watch This Video Because “You Made It”

If you’re a 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s baby, you have to watch this video.

Congratulations on “making it out” of the old disco age and entering the new millennium. It’s safe to say, most of you have kids now and can definitely see how different it is for them growing up compared to when you were.

Back then, there were not nearly as many regulations as today. We’d drink out of garden hoses, ride bicycles without a helmet and there was no such thing as “child lock”.

There was no idea of cell phones or text messaging or “Facebook”. If you wanted to talk to somebody, you did it face-to-face.

Yet somehow, out of all these differences, “we made it.”

Watch this video below:


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