Old Mascara Wands Can Help Clean Wild Animals’ Fur

When you finish using a tube of mascara—or it hits the three month mark and it’s filled with bacteria—you usually just throw it out. After all, what good can old makeup do?

Well, it turns out your old mascara wands can do a lot of good for saving wild animals.


I never thought cleaning out my old makeup drawers and sharing some advice to help wild animals would lead to…

Posted by Savannah Trantham on Friday, 10 March 2017

Old mascara wands are the perfect size to remove larva and eggs from animal fur—the bristles are close together, letting the brush effectively clean out anything hiding in wild animals’ coats.

The wands are also great for removing nits, fleas, and other bugs that stick to the fur.

Thank you Katie in Michigan for your kind note and holding a Wands for Wildlife Wandraiser by gathering old mascara…

Posted by Appalachian Wildlife Refuge on Sunday, 30 April 2017

All you need to do is wash your old mascara wands in hot soapy water, and send them to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.

Watch the full story in the video down below!

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