Botto: The Ultimate Adjustable Storage Containers

Do you struggle to find the right container to store your stuff? The Botto One Half Storage Container is perfect for you! It’s designed to adjust in size to be your perfect container.


Storing things in your cabinets can be a nightmare—you can never find the right container size for what you need, and there’s absolutely no way to organize it. When you trap in excess air, it can spoil your food quicker. With Botto cases, it adjusts with the amount of food you have inside!


It provides a large storage capacity, but there’s less air trapped inside. Simply open the lid, fill your container, and press down—that’s it! It’s a custom storage container for your stuff.


You also have 100% clarity from all angles—no more guessing to see what’s inside your containers! Botto can even store a full box of cereal with no excess air.


These containers are durable, food-safe, and flexible! They’ll last you for a long time and save you money and food. Plus, they’re easy to clean and dishwasher safe!


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Botto One Half Smart Storage System