Dianceht: The Realistic-Looking Prosthetics for Every Day Life

If you’re missing limbs or extremities, you know how hard it is to live daily life without those body parts. Apart from people staring at you, you also have a hard time doing basic tasks. But Dianceht prosthetics is here to change all that. They specialize in making high-quality, realistic prosthetic limbs.


They’re plastic sculptures that are designed to simulate the missing parts of the body. They cover up the missing part seamlessly, and they aesthetically resemble the body. Because of this, it’s easier for the amputee to re-integrate into their home and work life.


There are several ways they could attach to the body, but the most common way is suction. When the prosthetic is attached to the stump, a light vacuum forms, keeping the prosthetic in place securely throughout the day. They succeed in looking normal and functioning as regular limbs.


Each prosthetic is a custom design, allowing them to look seamless on the body. They’re designed to match the wearer, right down to freckles and fingernails. Because of the intense customization, a single prosthetic can take months to complete.


For more information on the Dianceht prosthetics, check out the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!