Boy Goes to Read to Sheltered Pets, but One Cat Tries Getting All the Attention

The Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minnesota witnessed one of the cutest feline-human moments when Finn (the human boy) and Finn (the cat) became best of friends! Finn (boy) came in to the shelter to take part of their Rescue Readers program and was introduced to Finn (cat). As soon as the boy sat down, the cat was madly infatuated with him and began purring and cuddling the boy to the point of knocking the book out of his hands.

via Animal Humane Society

The Rescue Readers has been a great initiative for the Humane Society community as its been shown to reduce stress and calm animals while improving literacy in children as they get to practice their reading in a fun and rewarding environment.

It turns out that another family fell in love with Finn (cat) shortly after and decided to bring him home, and Finn (boy) is just happy to have had the chance to have a positive impact on Finn’s (cat) life.

Watch the cuddly video down below!

Must be a page turner! ? Finn, one of our Rescue Readers, had a captive audience in Finn the cat when he visited the shelter to read to our adoptable animals. The sweetest #WednesdayCuteBreak!

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Posted by Animal Humane Society on Wednesday, October 18, 2017


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