Girl Promises Mac & Cheese, Coworkers Lose It When They Realize How She Made It

When we think about Mac & Cheese, we all have that perfect image in our heads of the nice melted cheese and the crispy bits that burnt to that perfect level. Even the strangely too-orange color of Kraft Dinner, there’s something holy about it, something you just don’t change.

Well Twitter user coolstoryjanis was exposed to true horror at a recent work potluck when one of coworkers brought in Mac & Cheese, if you could even call it that.

Within a matter of minutes the internet was appalled and they were not scared to say so! We’ve added some of the best ones down below.

Ready for some new coworkers Janis?

Or this 10/10 pun master!

Janis even went on to describe how this “delicacy” was prepared…

I think we can all agree Law Enforcement needs to get involved too!

All jokes aside, we’ll need to send a letter to their place of employment and make sure the whole office receives their yearly “How To Make Mac & Cheese” training! Now, to settle our mental stomachs and get over this pasta tragedy, we’re going to rely on Janis and her beautiful contribution to the potluck with her lumpia recipe that truly has us salivating!


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