British Comedian Tells Hilarious Story About His Young Friend Asking Him to Attend His Funeral

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. And while most stories about cancer aren’t that funny, this comedian’s story about his young friend with cancer is guaranteed to make you smile.

Russell Howard, a British comedian best known for his show “Russell Howard’s Good News,” was doing a stand-up routine and telling the story of a teenage fan named Deryn.

Deryn was battling cancer and his parents reached out to Russell, hoping the comedian would meet with their son.

However, Russell and Deryn became fast friends. Deryn even had an iPad filled with his favorite Russell routines!

One day, Deryn asked Russell if he would go to his funeral. Russell said yes, but he had no idea what crazy outfit Deryn would make him wear.

Make sure you watch until the end—the whole video heartwarming and hilarious!

Watch the full story in the video down below!

Warning: The following video contains some graphic language.


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