UPS Driver Helps 84-Year-Old Customer After Her House Is Infested With Roaches

Delivery drivers are trusted often to safely bring our packages. However, sometimes, that’s not the case.

This story is about a UPS driver from Irmo, South Carolina who decided to deliver more than just a scheduled package to this elderly lady’s home.

Dwight Praylow has been a UPS driver for 15 years. He’s delivered over thousands of packages, and often times briefly getting to know the recipients from greetings.

One of his customers is Nancy McCummings, an 84-year-old elderly woman, who Dwight got to know a little better after making several deliveries to her disabled son. Nancy’s son passed away and left Nancy a lone mother who outlived all her children.

Being old and alone, Nancy wasn’t able to take care of the maintenance in her house anymore. It got worse when Dwight found out Nancy’s home had a roast infestation, making it unliveable.

Dwight, his twin brother, and friends decided that it wasn’t acceptable so they raised money for Nancy and personally helped her fix her home. They started a Facebook page for people to become aware as well as a GoFundMe page to raise the funds.

They put Nancy in a hotel room while they worked on the house, hauling out everything that couldn’t be used, replacing the floors and cleaning the walls with bleach.

Nancy says: “They worked all day Easter here. So I really appreciate it to have these young guys with that kind of heart they showed. And I adopted them now as my boys.”

Nancy was finally able to return to her home when it was safe again. “I told them this isn’t my house. I’ve never lived here before, and they laughed because it is phenomenal what they did.”

It’s amazing to see a young man like Dwight help an elderly lady like Nancy. Watch their story in the amazing video below:


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