Car Window Breaker: The Card That Can Shatter Your Windows Instantly

If you want to feel prepared for any emergency, this window breaker is perfect for you! It’s designed to instantly shatter your car’s window in a safe way.


The device shatters the glass in your car window, but your fingers never touch the glass or the shards. This makes it safe to use, protecting yourself from further damage in an emergency situation.

The device is the size of a credit card, but it has five times the power of tradition spring-loaded devices, and it works better than a hammer. With just the snap of a finger, the glass shatters and you never have to touch the glass.


The holder uses 3M adhesive to attach to your sun visor or phone—it can stay on without damaging your device or the holder. Plus, it has a recessed precision blade that can slice through a seatbelt.


It’s made in the USA with high-quality components—this little device won’t let you down.

Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Escape Card Window Breaker
Available in pink and green