PARA: The Accurate and Easy to Use Laser Measurer

Do you struggle with measuring tapes or laser pointers when you need to measure? The PARA laser measurer is perfect for you! It’s designed to be both accurate and easy to use.


It’s a Pythagorean laser measurer that has two lasers and an angle encoder, letting you stay in one place while the device does all the work for you! It can measure the distance between two laser points, and it can be connected to a tripod.


It’s hard using a measuring tape to measure curved surfaces—when you use PARA’s roller function, all you have to do is drag the device for an accurate measurement. Need to measure two tall areas? Point two lasers and it’ll measure the distance!


Getting it set up is simple—hold PARA, point the two lasers to your target, and press the trigger! You can even transfer your measurements to your smartphone via Bluetooth—this lets you easily keep track of your measurements.


Plus, the device can measure in the metric and imperial systems!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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PARA Laser Measurer