Hyde Tools Caulk Away: The Multi-Tool for All Your Caulking Needs

If you need to repair some caulking in your home, the Hyde Tools Caulk Away is perfect for you! It’s designed to help you seal fixtures in your home quickly and easily.


Without any chemicals, you can remove old caulking and finish new caulking safely and easily. It’s made of durable materials to last you a long time, and it’s small enough to fit anywhere you need it to!


The remover tool has a sharp blade that’s perfect for removing old silicone, latex, or acrylic. The blade gets the old caulking off quickly and cleanly, giving you a clean canvas to replace the old material.


The finisher tool will smooth the caulking into your joints without any mess, edge marks, or waste! You’ll have a perfect bead that will look good when you’re done. Plus, you can use the tool to open your caulking!


If you need to replace your caulking, check out this little tool!


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Hyde Tool Caulk Away