Catit Multi Feeder: The Food Bowl Designed for Cats

If your cat hates eating out of their traditional food bowl, the Catit Multi Feeder might be the perfect solution! It’s designed specifically to feed cats, with features that consider feline feeding habits.


It stimulates cats’ natural self-controlled feeding while discouraging binge eating. It has a bowl for wet food and a paw pit for dry kibble—the bowl is designed around the natural way cats eat, encouraging them to eat stress-free!


It also has storage space at the bottom for extra kibble, or a cloth to clean your cat off after their meal! The ergonomic design is also perfect for kittens and adult cats—the height is comfortable for cats of all sizes.


The storage space is great for quick and easy refills—no more hungry cats! The feeder is easy to disassemble and clean—simply wash it with natural soap and rinse thoroughly and it’s ready to use at the next meal time.


The feeder also prevents your cat’s sensitive whiskers from stress—it’s the perfectly designed bowl for your feline friend!


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Watch the demo down below!


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