W-Holder: The Premium Shirt-Holder Designed for Women

Do you struggle with keeping your shirt tucked into your pants or skirt? The W-Holder is perfect for you! It’s designed to clip your shirt into your bottoms, keeping it tucked in all day long.


The lace band attaches to your thigh, and the high-quality material is skin-friendly—it won’t cause any chafing! It’s carefully sewn to a comfortable elastic that’ll stretch to your perfect size. Each band is made to measure.


The straps are adjustable for any shirt length—if you wear a short shirt one day and a long shirt the next, you can easily fix the straps. They’re made of comfortable elastic, and they’re placed in an unobtrusive place, not getting in the way of your clothing.


The clips easily attach to your shirts, and you can hook them up in seconds! They have a gentle and firm grip, and are small enough to not be noticed under your clothes. If you need to get dressed in a hurry, these clips will have your back.


They come in two colors, matching your style no matter what you’re wearing!


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Available in black or white