Fulfill Your Childhood Dreams of Magic at the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok

Featured image courtesy of Jill Manuel

I don’t know about you, but when I was a little girl I definitely asked Santa for a unicorn. Not just once, but every year until I was nine.

The little girl inside me died a little bit when I realized this unicorn cafe actually existed.

Unicorn Cafe is located in Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand, as if you needed another reason to want to visit Thailand.

It’s jam packed full of unicorn paraphernalia like toys, furniture and books.

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If you thought your daughter or niece had an impressive collection of My Little Pony figures, check this place out.

The food is just as colourful as the decor, with rainbow crepes, waffles and cheeseburgers. They even make spring rolls in the shape of unicorn horns.

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Visitors are encouraged to cuddle up with a magical-themed stuffie as they eat their rainbow.

Despite the focus on dessert, they also make savoury dishes and the prices are quite good. For 150 Baht, or about $3.50 USD, you can get just about anything on the menu.

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