Coffee Shop Baristas Pray with Grieving Customer After She Loses Her Husband

Sometimes during the morning rush, your coffee shop baristas barely stop to say hello, much less ask how you’re doing. It’s understandable—everyone’s busy and in a rush, and they have a line full of people wanting coffee.

But the baristas at the Dutch Bros. in Vancouver, Washington knew they had to do more when an upset young woman drove up to their drive-thru.

The night before, the woman lost her husband and was understandably incredibly emotional when the loss was so fresh in her mind.

Ignoring the large line of people behind her, three teenage employees climbed out of the drive-thru window to grab her hand and pray with her.

Little did they know that a woman named Barbara Danner was behind the woman in line and snapped a picture. Once she learned the full story, she had to post it to the Dutch Bros. Facebook page.

If everyone put each other first like this, the world would be a better place.

Watch the full heartwarming story in the video down below.



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