KMMotors Coin Pocket: Side Attachment For Your Car To Keep Coins

The KMMotors Coin Side Pocket is an attachment for your car console that lets you have an additional coin bank, cup holder, smartphone, wallet and cards pocket. Not only does it catch items that usually fall within the gap between your seat and the console, but it provides extra space for you to put items in. Installation takes seconds, simply wedge it between the console and your seat!

Coin Pocket 1

Coin Pocket 2

If your vehicle has more space than usual between the console and your seat, there’s extra padding available to fill the gap. This product won’t fit for cars which the console is lower than the seat or the side brake is just beside the seat.

Coin Pocket 3

The KMMotors Coin Side Pocket works on both the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat, so you can place two in your vehicle if you choose to. It’s lightweight weighing only 1.1lbs and measures 15″ x 9.8″ x 3.5″ in size.

Coin Pocket 4

The Coin Side Pocket is available in both red and black. It’s the perfect gift for the family who goes on road trips often or those who find they lack space in their car.

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