Fittbo: Ultimate Lunchbox Has a Unibody Food Tray Held Upright

The Fittbo is an innovative lunchbox that is designed for people with a contemporary, on-the-go lifestyle. Its slim design and unibody food tray makes it convenient to carry around vertically in a bag or by hand. But don’t be fooled by it’s minimalistic and simplistic design, the Fittbo also has many features such as: thermo insulation, a microwave safe food tray, and 100% leakproof compartments.

Lunchbox 1

Lunchbox 2

The compartments are ideally designed for you to sort your meal: protein, carbs, vegetables and snacks. All these foods are packed nicely in the small 9.25″ x 9.25″ x 1.59″ lunchbox making it easy to bring to school, work or any other place you may need.

Lunchbox 3

The Fittbo has three anti-leak safety measures: a leakproof lid for the food compartments, a sealing gasket for the section and finally, a unibody exterior shell for when it’s carried vertically.

Lunchbox 4

The best part about the Fittbo is that its unibody makes it easy to clean afterwards. There’s even a section in the box dedicated to your cutlery and napkins.

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Weighing less than 500g, the Fittbo lunchbox is available in both white and black.

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