Coral One: The All-in-One Automated Vacuum Cleaner

Are you always cleaning up messes around your home? The Coral One is perfect for you! It’s designed to be both a robotic vacuum and a handheld unit all in one.


It’s engineered to be a long-lasting and powerful robotic vacuum that helps you maintain a clean house every single day with minimal effort! The ergonomic detachable handle is great for spot-cleaning, and the robot is great for overall floor cleaning.


Use the robot for catching debris on the ground and the handheld unit for cleaning up crumbs on higher surfaces. You get twice the cleaning power for your home in one simple and compact vacuuming unit.


All you have to do is press a button, pull out the handle, put on the handheld dustbin, and you have a great vacuum for handheld cleaning! Spot clean your smaller areas, and get rid of dust in bigger areas.


Choose your clean for the best results!


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Coral One