LEX Bionic Chair: The Gadget That Enhances Your Posture

Do you have terrible posture while doing basic activities? The LEX Bionic Chair is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you sit with perfect posture no matter what you’re doing.


It’s an exoskeleton engineered to give you perfect posture at all times—this prevents you from developing muscle problems and back pain. It corrects and improves your posture whenever you wear it!


It’s also a great way to rest whenever you need a seat—even if there isn’t a chair or couch nearby, you sit down and rest your legs. It auto-adjusts your sitting position to create a natural sitting position with an upright back.


The sitting position also makes it easy transition from sitting to standing, making it easy to live a more active lifestyle. You can get comfort anytime and anywhere—wear it around the waist and you can barely feel its weight!


Plus, it reduces shoulder and neck pain!


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Watch the demo down below!


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LEX Bionic Chair