CPR Call Blocker: Block All Your Annoying Calls with One Button

Do you hate getting annoying phone calls? The CPR Call Blocker is perfect for you! It’s designed to block thousands of automated numbers quickly and easily.


It has 5000 pre-programmed numbers, and you can add up to 1500 numbers manually to block local robocalls. You can block numbers from pressing the block button on the base, or you can hit #2 on any connected DECT headset.


You can block international numbers with the international blocking function, and it can block unknown numbers with the out of area blocking function. The block button is big and red, ensuring you can’t miss it.


When you press the button, the call number is logged into the unit’s memory. The blocker will hang up on the caller and permanently block the number. The large screen is easy to read, and the large buttons are easy to maneuver.


Plus, you can remove a number from the block list if you want.


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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CPR Call Blocker