Chef’n Garlic Zoom: Chop Up Your Garlic Mess-Free

Do you struggle when you have to chop garlic? The Chef’n GarlicZoom is perfect for you! It’s designed to effortlessly chop your garlic with no hassle.


You can use this tiny kitchen gadget to mince your garlic without messing up your cutting boards or knives with garlic juice! No more smelling garlic for days after cooking—it stays in one spot and doesn’t linger.


All you have to do is load the GarlicZoom with your garlic cloves, roll the gadget back and forth on a smooth surface, and let the interior blades do the dirty work! Roll less for a coarse chop, or roll more for a finer mince.


It has more gearing for easier rolling, bigger grips for safer handling, and more durable construction for a longer lifespan! Plus, the compact design will take up very little real estate in your kitchen.


It’s also top-rack dishwasher safe!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper
Multiple colors and sizes available