Mr. LongArm Lightbulb Changer: Switch Out Your Lightbulbs Easily

Do you struggle with changing lightbulbs in high places? The Mr. LongArm lightbulb changer is perfect for you! It’s designed to change your lightbulbs easily and safely.


The changers install on an extension pole, letting you remove and replace lightbulbs that are out of reach without straining any muscles. No more rusty ladders or standing on furniture to change inconvenient lightbulbs!


The small suction cup will hold your lightbulbs for easy changing while you stand safely on the ground. The gadget has a patented quick-release function, releasing the lightbulb when you’re done installing it!


It comes in different models for different lightbulbs—each model has a special suction cup that’s ideal for specific lightbulbs. The cups will hold the lightbulb securely, then release it when the bulb is installed.


If you have hard-to-reach lightbulbs, you need this gadget!


Available here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Mr. LongArm Lightbulb Changers
Available in different models