Crumby Vac: Clean Up Small Messes Quickly and Easily

Do you always have small messes around your house? The Crumby Vac is perfect for you! It’s designed to clean up tiny crumbs without making you pull out your large vacuum.


These vacuums may look like cute little bugs, but they can clean up any small crumbly messes! They have powerful 12,000 RPM motors inside their tiny bodies. Use them in the car, on the couch, or on your counters.


It’s a lightweight, handheld mini vacuum—the gadgets are safe for large hands or tiny hands! Teach your kids how to clean up their messes safely and without a giant vacuum. Cleaning can be fun for everyone.


Choose from three options: Lucky Ladybug, Buzzing Bumblebee, and Tornado Turtle! You’ll find a mini vacuum that suits your home and personality. Your kids will love tidying up with their tiny critter friend!


If you hate pulling out the vacuum for a tiny spill, you need these critters!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Crumby Vac
Available in three styles