Pyramid Shades: The Stylish Sun Shade for Hot Weather

Do you want protection from the sun without the struggle of traditional sun shades? The Pyramid Shades are perfect for you! They’re designed to keep you feeling and looking cool in the hot sun.


It can be set up and packed away in just 30 seconds—no more wrestling with tarps or getting poked by poles! Add some sand or a weight to each corner of the Pyramid Shade and it’ll stay secure all day long.


The closed design protects you from three sides, and the fabric is certified sun safe by Australia’s authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety. It’s made of high-quality poly canvas, making it tear-proof, water resistant, and low-maintenance.


One Pyramid Shade has the fabric equivalent of roughly two and a half umbrellas, and there is mesh fabric on the bottom. This lets air travel through the shade, keeping you cool during the hot summer days.


If you want stylish sun protection, you need this shade!


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Pyramid Shades
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