Curlformers: Get Perfect Curls in Your Hair with No Heat Required

Curlformers are perfect for people who want curly hair but can’t use a curling iron to save their lives! It’s designed to create natural-looking curls without any heat required. Whether you want spiral curls, corkscrew curls, or barrel curls, you’ll find your ideal look with Curlformers.


Using the rollers is easy and simple. Attach the two ends of the styling hook, then slide a roller down. Hook your hair (with the hook facing upwards) and slide the roller through—that’s it!


You can let damp hair dry naturally in the unique mesh construction, or you can use gentle heat to quicken the drying process. Because the mesh design is soft, the rollers are also more comfortable to sleep in compared to traditional velcro rollers!

Curlformers come in styles that work for several hair lengths: short, medium, long, and extra long. Each pack has 40 rollers in two different colors—the colors let you know which direction the rollers curl in—and a styling rod. That’s all you need to create perfect curls!


Because the Curlformers don’t require any heat, they keep your hair healthy without forcing you to sacrifice your favorite styles! They’re great for fragile and damaged hair—plus, you can even use them on extensions, weave, and wigs!


They work well with hair of any thickness and length, and you don’t need more than one pack to completely curl your hair! Since they are gentle on your hair, you can even use them on your child’s hair for a special occasion.

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Available for several curl styles and hair lengths

$13 – $49+