GoSt-Barefoots: Walk Outside Barefoot While Staying Protected

The GoSt-Barefoots are a line of barefoot shoes that provide unrestrained mobility, sturdy protection, and an authentic barefoot feel all-in-one. It gives a unique experience for the individual to walk naturally on environments such as: water, mud and hiking trails.

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Since you receive direct ground feedback and an authentic barefoot feel, the GoSt-Barefoots let you sense terrain like you’ve never experience before. When you wear them, you’ll hardly even notice they are on your feet!

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Each pair of GoSt-Barefoots are individually interwoven and welded ring by ring. As a result, each pair of ‘shoes’ are supple, sturdy and protect your feet better than any ordinary footwear.

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Since the Barefoot ‘shoes’ are more like a flexible ‘sock’ shape, you can be sure that the GoSt-Barefoots can be adjusted to all sizes of feet no matter how wide or narrow. They’re also available in different models such as: PURE, WATER, SOIL and CLIFF.

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