Hose Genie: Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose System

The Hose Genie is a retractable central vacuum hose that retracts into the walls with the simple suction power of your central unit. With easy installation for new and existing homes as a stand-alone complete system or an add-on to your current system, the Hose Genie is the ultimate vacuum system for efficiency and convenience.

Hose Genie 1

Hose Genie 2

To use the hose stored in the inlet, simply pull out the length of the hose you need and connect any attachments of your choice. Slide the hose locking mechanism to keep the hose in use.

Hose Genie 3

When you’re finished, slide the hose locking mechanism to the left and disconnect your attachments. Put your hand over the opening to allow the hose to retract back into the inlet.

Hose Genie 4

By having a Hole Genie vacuum system in your home, you’ll be able to automatically store your vacuum hose in the piping system saving space for other items. Since it’s hidden behind the inlet, it also makes the vacuum more efficient and easy to access from anywhere within your home. Each inlet covers up to 3,000 sqft of space.

And of course, nothing’s more precious than your time. Hole Genie makes it so that you don’t have to drag your vacuum around for quick cleanups, saving you time for other important things that need to be done.

Hose Genie 5

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