Dad Has Alzheimer’s and Can’t Remember Anyone, Then Son Writes Song That Heals Him

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects many people worldwide. It not only affects the person that gets the disease, but is also heartbreaking for their loved ones and friends. Ted McDermott was unfortunately one of those affected.


Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago, Ted’s memory got worse little by little, and with that, came his temper as well.

And that’s when his son Mac, came up with a brilliant idea to bring back his father, even if it was just a bit at a time.


You see, Ted’s passion has always been music. He travelled around clubs in the UK singing, and was nicknamed The Songaminute Man because of how many songs he knew.

Although the professional singing acts were over, the songs still roared in Ted’s heart, and his son Mac knew that.

So whenever Ted would have an aggressive episode, Mac would turn on some tunes and begin to sing. Sure enough, his dad would sing along shortly afterwards. These tiny music sessions are what helps Ted go through these tough times.


Mac and Ted record their sessions, in hopes that they can share with others going through the same thing. Mac has even started a crowdfunding page on JustGiving to help produce an album. 25 percent of the proceeds will go directly to Alzheimer’s research!


Check out the father/son duo sing below:


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