The Most Evil Treats for People You Hate This Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and that means it’s time to start preparing goodies for the little ones! But there are those kids in your neighborhood no one likes—so what are you supposed to do?

Here are a ideas to prank everyone on Halloween, from your friends and family, to the annoying kids who won’t stop bugging you.

Mark Sparrow’s trick will make you the talk of the neighborhood! Dip your unwanted Brussels sprouts into chocolate to give loved ones and neighborhood kids a surprise they won’t soon forget.

A quick way to destroy your kids faith… from funny

Here’s another way to prank your friends—wrap your purple grapes in chocolate wrappers. You might think the color would be a dead giveaway, but when it’s covered in the wrapping, you can never tell the difference!

Well, it was one darn good Halloween from funny

This is the ultimate Halloween treat prank—dip your onions into caramel. It looks just like caramel-covered apples, but your friends will have a . . . flavorful surprise when they take a bite!


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