Disabled Vet Is Hit by Car, but Hero Dog Immediately Covers Him and Grabs His Phone

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and this Golden Retriever is no exception.

Endal was paired with Allen Parton, a disabled British Royal Navy veteran who relied on a wheelchair to get around.

When Allen Parton was hit by a car, his service dog Endal dragged him into the recovery position, found his cell phone…

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Endal did everything for Allen—he could grab whatever Allen needed based on simple gestures.

Endal even knew how to get things off the shelves at stores and could use an ATM!

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But Endal went above and beyond when one day, Allen was hit by a car, throwing him out of his wheelchair and knocking him unconscious.

Endal immediately knew what he had to do: he dragged Allen to safety and placed him in the recovery position, pushed his cell phone into his hand, covered him with a blanket, and barked for help.

Meet “Endal” PDSA Gold Medal awardee

A Golden Retriever service dog who pulled his disabled owner into the recovery…

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Thanks to his heroic actions, Allen survived the incident.

Unfortunately, Endal is no longer with us. But he was able to mentor another pup to take over his duties—and the memory of what he did for Allen will not be forgotten.

Unfortunately Endal is no longer with us, shortly after his 13th Birthday he passed away. In his last 9 months, Endal…

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