Family Finds Dog with Skin Pink as Flamingo, Horrified by Cruelty He’d Been Exposed To

Stunt-double taking a rest on the side.

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Posted by Oogy on Monday, November 15, 2010

When the Levin family found Oogy at the vet, they had to put everything on the line to save their new canine companion after he had been left for dead by dog fighters.

Oogy was found by Larry and Diane Levin in absolutely horrendous condition. “Skin pink as a flamingo, and there were multiple puncture wounds on the right side of his face and his left was all bandaged up. I thought he’d been in a fire!” said Larry. When he approached the veterinary to find out what exactly happened to him, he was left horrified by the cruelty that Oogy had been exposed to.

“He was a bait dog.” said the doctor, leaving Larry quite confused as to what that meant. He wrapped it up by saying, “They teach fighting dogs to fight by giving them live bait. And your dog was thrown into a cage with a fighting dog.” With blood vessels exposed and a hole the size of a softball in his skull, the doctor estimated that Oogy had been left to die for almost a week. No blood, no water, no food, just lying in a cage in immeasurable pain.


2nd video of Oogy and Larry Levin

Posted by Christina Vu on Friday, December 20, 2013

But that didn’t stop the Levin family. If anything it increased their drive to save this poor mistreated dog and offer him a better life.

“When we met the dog, it was like he recognized us! Noah went down on one knee, they were bringing this dog out for a walk, and he just, he literally pulled the leash out of the handler’s fist and rocketed into Noah and knocked him over.” said Mr Levin. The family rushed over to discover that Oogy was giving thousands of kisses to their son, only to receive the same treatment as soon as they got to their lovable canine companion. It was a match made in heaven!

Posted by Oogy on Sunday, November 28, 2010

Larry had the chance to speak with a friend that is involved in the animal rescue scene in Los Angeles and she told him that Oogy was a diamond in the rough. Stories about fighting dogs coming back to normalcy are rare, which left her astonished at the fact that Oogy not only survived, but now had an inspirational tale to tell about his past. That’s when Larry decided to write a book about their’s and Oogy’s story.

The beautiful biography ended up evolving into something else, even to the point of an auto-biography on the Levin’s lives. “It became a story of adoption.” said Larry, adding “My dog is adopted, my sons are adopted.” A truly full circle situation, that started with the kindness of strangers towards children and a dog that were left to fend for themselves in the cruelest of ways.

Posted by Oogy on Sunday, November 28, 2010

Larry wants the story not to be seen as sad, but to take Oogy as a sign of encouragement because at one point or another, everyone has to go through some difficult times in their lives.

We’ll leave you with the final line in their video and most memorable quote: “This dog is living proof that you can go through the most obscene experience imaginable and come out okay on the other side. And find love on the other side!”


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