Dog Tied to Front Porch & Abandoned During Floods, Rescuers Give Her a Second Chance

We saw many horrors arise from the floods that Texas experienced, countless businesses and families pushed out of their homes. Some residents didn’t want to leave with their pets going to the extent of tying them outside on the porch and leaving them to survive on their own. That’s the story behind our beautiful friend Archer, a dog rescued after being left behind by her previous owner.

Sheriff Troy E. Nehls was patrolling the inundated streets of his community when he came across the dog, seemingly stuck in neck deep water. After calling out to her multiple times she still wouldn’t come at which point he jumped in and waded over to Archer.

The unsettling sight that appeared to him as he got closer angered the Sheriff thoroughly, seeing that she had been left defenceless tied to the front porch of this home. Once she once dislodged and was on their airboat you could see the relief wash over her, realizing that she was free from drowning and safe again.

We found this poor guy standing in neck deep water and chained to a dog house. This is infuriating. These residents will…

Posted by Sheriff Troy E. Nehls on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When the local news network KPRC reached out to the owners about why they would do such a thing, the owners responded that they didn’t think the water would get that high and even though they tried to return to their home, they never mentioned the dog to the police force. The man was denied access to his home given the flooding, but Sheriff Nehls was adamant that law enforcement would have helped him get back home for his pet if he had said so. Shortly after it came to light that the man no longer wanted his pet and surrendered her to the local humane society. This is where Archer’s second chance at life begins!

After a veterinary visit that revealed that Archer was covered in fleas, she was placed in her local Humane Society where Sheriff Nehls slowly began introducing himself more to the dog. As the news broke, many volunteered to take her in or even adopt her entirely but our savior had something different in mind.

“On Sunday, my family went to the Humane Society to introduce ourselves to Archer,” said Nelhs. “Then we made a family decision to adopt Archer. We took her home that day, and it’s been wonderful ever since.”

Posted by Sheriff Troy E. Nehls on Sunday, June 5, 2016

If you’re in an emergency situation and can’t bring your pet with you, don’t abandon them! Give them a chance by placing them in shelters and with somebody who can properly take care of them, or else Sheriff Nehls will have a few things to tell you.

Posted by Sheriff Troy E. Nehls on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Throughout all the tragedies of the Texas flooding, beautiful stories like this have managed to come through to us and show that their still is truly good and kind people in this world!
Watch the actual rescue operation down below!


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