Elephants Will No Longer Be Forced to Perform in New York Circuses Ever Again

Elephants in circuses will soon be a thing of the past—at least in New York state.

This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Elephant Protection Act into law. The law will come into full effect in two years, and completely stops elephants from performing in parades, trade shows, and carnivals, as well as circuses.

New York City Council still pushing for wild animal ban at circuses


Posted by Performing Animal Welfare Society – PAWS on Thursday, 15 June 2017

This ban follows the New York City Council’s Intro 1233, which banned wild animals from performing within city limits.

Earlier this year, the long-running Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed after performing for close to 100 years.

Wayne Pacelle, the United States Humane Society’s president and CEO, wrote on his blog, “The extraordinary movement on this issue is a marker of the larger progress . . . People understand that wild animals should not be transported from city to city for silly stunts, and they should not be subjected to often harsh and inhumane training techniques”

“The set of gains we’ve seen has been long overdue, but the outcomes are worth celebrating.”


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