Drain Weasel: Unclog Those Stubborn Sinks with One Pull

Water not draining because its full of hair?

Wish there was an easy solution to pull the clump of hair out and free your pipes?

Worry not, the FlexiSnake Drain Weasel is here!

It’s a long rod-like device that can be used to hook and fish hair from inside the pipes.

It utilizes the patented “micro-hook” technology to easily and effortlessly pull hair from the clogged up drain pipes.

The Drain Weasel also features a cranking handle that spins the rod to give that all-important spinning motion that will be able to lock hair onto the micro-hooks of the wand.

Simply attach the handle to the one-time use rod and stick it down your drain.

Then, spin the handle to lock in all the stuck hair and pull it out from your sink.

When finished using the device, toss the wand and you’ll finally be able to drain that stubborn sink.

The length of the wand can reach up to 18″ which is more than enough to reach most clumps of hair.

The Drain Weasel’s slim design weasels through any style drain and is only 1/8″ in diameter so you’ll never have to worry about taking the drain apart.

The starter kit comes with the spin handle and 2 drain wands which is more than enough to solve your drain problems.

If more is needed, you can opt to buy the refillable 3 pack of drain wands that will ensure you will have unclogged drains for years to come.

Unclog your drains fast and efficiently with your very own Drain Weasel!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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