eSight: The Electronic Glasses That Help the Legally Blind See

If you know someone who is legally blind and wants to see, the eSight eyewear may be perfect for them! This eyewear is designed to help the blind see through the power of technology.


eSight restores functional eyesight, letting the visually impaired see their loved ones, read, watch their favorite shows and movies, and participate more fully in daily life. It’s a doctor-recommended solution to give you your eyesight back.


It might seem like an investment, but it can save money in the long run—you won’t need to purchase other vision-assisting devices, and you can return to work and regular commuting! It’s lightweight and is worn like a regular pair of glasses.


eSight has a high-speed, high-definition camera—it records everything you’re seeing and shows it on two near-to-eye displays. It replicates eyesight as closely as possible, letting you re-experience life as a seeing person.


It can also tilt up and down, letting you still use your peripheral vision. With all these features, it’s as close a replication of eyesight as scientifically possible.


For more information on the eSight, check out the company’s website here.

Watch the demo down below!