Little ELF: Ditch the Scissors and Get a Clean Cut Every Time

Ever try to wrap a present to find the line you cut was not even close to being straight?

Wish you had an easier solution to all your wrapping paper needs?

Wish no more! With the Little ELF, you’ll no longer have to worry about storing and cutting your wrapping papers!

Little ELF 1

The Little ELF is a tube that slips onto your wrapping paper which makes it easier to cut and store.

Little ELF 2

The device has a blade on the side that allows for easy cutting.

Little ELF 3

Why waste all your precious holiday hours fussing with dull scissors or ripped edges when you can avoid both with The Little ELF.

Little ELF 4

Simply slide the gadget over the wrapping paper and pull a sheet of paper through the larger slot in the device.

Little ELF 5

Once the sheet of paper is the desired length, slide the Little ELF to the end of the roll until the paper drops to where the knife is placed.

Little ELF 6

Finally, gently slide the device forward to cleanly cut the paper.

Little ELF 7

When finished cutting the paper, the device can easily be fitted over the whole roll to keep it organized and ready to be used for the next time.

The Little ELF features a flexible hinge on the spine that allows for it to work on almost any sized roll and a durable plastic to keep it working for you for years to come.

Little ELF 8

Ditch the traditional way of cutting wrapping paper and get yourself a Little ELF to do the job for you!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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