Dreambaby Locks and Latches: Baby-Proof Your Home with Style

Are you worried about your kids getting their hands on dangerous things around your home? The Dreambaby locks and latches are perfect for you! They’re designed to keep your kids away from things they shouldn’t have their hands on.


The stove and oven knob covers stop your kids from turning your stove knobs on and off. They attach easily, and the covers are heat-proof. Want to cook? Simply push in the release button and open the cover.


The adhesive Mag Locks stick to the inside of opening furniture, such as cabinet doors and drawers. To open the doors, place the key over the lock and the door opens easily! It prevents little hands from getting inside, but it’s still easy to access.


The angle locks protect drawers from opening and closing on your children’s hands. To open the drawers, press down on the tab and pull out the drawer! When you close the drawers, they lock automatically.


The refrigerator latch ensures your appliance doors stay closed and your food remains unspoiled!


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Dreambaby Locks and Latches