Drill Brush: Deep Clean Any Surface With a Drill

Ever have trouble scrubbing the hard stuck on grime in the shower?

Wish you had something that would make scrubbing easier and faster? Look no further!

The Drill brush power scrubber cleaning kit will solve all your bathroom cleaning needs.

With 3 different sized and shaped brushes included in the cleaning kit, there will be no need for any other tools.

Instead of using ordinary brushes that you’ll have to put hard work into, you can attach these brushes to a power drill and get a better clean with much less effort.

The set contains nylon brushes that won’t scratch and can be safely used on tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures shower door tracks and even porcelain.

All the brushes feature a quarter inch quick change shaft that allows each to be changed out quickly.

The sets of Drill Brushes come in 4 different colors and all correspond to the stiffness of the brush.

Use the set of yellow bristle brushes for multi-purpose use and everyday cleaning.

Use green for medium-duty jobs and red for jobs that require stiff brittles to complete.

For heavy-duty work to remove loose paint, rust, stains on concrete, metal or brick, consider using the black Ultra-Stiff brush.

Upgrade your bathroom cleaning routine and attack those nasty stains with the Drill Brush!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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