Addalock: Travel With Added Security and Lock Any Door

If you’ve ever wanted to lock your door but didn’t want to install a whole new lock system, the Addalock is perfect for you!

It’s a portable door lock that can be installed in seconds without the use of any tools.

Ensuring additional safety, security and privacy, the Addalock can be used at home or kept by your side.


Use it while you travel, in apartments, hotels, students dorms or even during a school lockdown.

Addalock 2

It’s great to be used when staying anywhere foreign and works best for short-term rental situations where locks may not be accessible.

Before using the lock, ensure there is enough space between the door and the frame by inserting the back side through the crack.

Addalock 3

Once it is deemed usable in your situation, you are ready to install it.

To use the Addalock, insert the claws into the strike of the door and gently close the door.

Addalock 4

Addalock 5

Addalock 6

Take the moving rod, insert it into the butterfly hole of the steel plate and drop the handle.

Addalock 7

Now the installation is complete and you’ll have a fully functioning locked door.

Addalock 8

Take extra security on the go or at home with your very own Addalock!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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