AdirPro Drill Buddy: End Drilling Mess Once and for All

If you’ve ever had trouble hanging anything on the wall, this will be the perfect tool for you!

The Drill Buddy is an innovative device that can provide leveled laser precision for a hassle-free drilling!

Drill Buddy

Never worry about your mirror being unleveled or having to deal with a messy clean up with the Drill Buddy.

Drill Buddy 2

First, place it on the wall, switch on the laser line and correctly level the device.

Drill Buddy 3

Then, activate its high powered vacuum to securely attach the Drill Buddy to the wall and watch it stay in place.

Drill Buddy 4

Make your measurement at the mark on the wall and disengage the gadget when complete.

Drill Buddy 5

Finally, place the drill guide over the mark, re-engage the vacuum and drill your perfect hole.

Drill Buddy 6

All the in meantime, the Drill Buddy collects all the dust and allows you to quickly and efficiently finish the project.

Drill Buddy 7

When finished collecting all the dust for the project, simply empty the dust over a bin so you can move onto your next project.

Durable and longlasting, this multipurpose tool promises outstanding performance and is perfect for hanging artwork on the wall, woodwork or any other DIY home project.

Drill Buddy 8

Designed to offer you the most comfortable experience and comfort, this cordless dust collector is very easy to use and features flawless ease of use.

Drill Buddy 9

Hang your artwork up with confidence and pick up the Drill Buddy!

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Watch the demo video down below!


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