Soapflakes: The Environmentally-Friendly Way to Wash Your Hands

Do you love the simplicity of liquid soap but hate the environmental impact of all that plastic? Soapflakes is perfect for you! It’s designed to shave off a soap bar, giving you enough soap to wash your hands.


Soap bars are more concentrated, making them more environmentally friendly on their own. While they may be more productive and efficient, they aren’t very practical—your hands slip everywhere and you get soap stains on your sink and counter.


With Soapflakes, you only get exactly as much soap as you need—it simply shaves off a small amount of soap into your hand. They dissolve easily into the water, and the rest of the soap stays dry, drastically reducing the mess in your bathroom.


The unique and innovative design is practical, yet still looks good in virtually any bathroom. It uses a bonding process to make installation easy—you don’t need a drill or any other power tools! Plus, the soap leaves a nice smell in your bathroom when you’re done washing your hands.


If you want a better solution to liquid soap, Soapflakes is right for you!


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