FledBag: Empty Big Bags of Fertilizer with Ease and Precision

If you’ve ever struggled with pouring large bags of fertilizer, seeds, pellets or salt, this product will be perfect for you!

The FledBag is an innovative solution to emptying big bags easily, quickly and precisely.

Instead of spilling large bags of fertilizer everywhere you can use this innovative gizmo.


Simply lay the gadget on a firm surface and lift the big bag using a forklift and position the bag above it.

FledBag 2

Then, lower the big bag so that the whole gadget penetrates the bag securely.

FledBag 3

Finally, lift the big bag up and pull the device down slightly for smoother flow and it is now ready to be used!

FledBag 4

Easily open and close the contraption by opening the handle and you’ll be able to measure how much you want to use.

FledBag 5

The flexible, folding handle of the FledBag allows the bag to properly puncture the bag even if the bag is still swinging when lowered.

FledBag 6

It won’t tip over and it will pierce the bag with no problem.

For big bags that you don’t want a hole in, the company has created another product called the FledBag Easy.

It won’t pierce the bag and it works by fastening a tension ring around the FledBag Easy while the bag is caught in-between.

FledBag 7

When done correctly, it works the same way as the Original in terms of operation.

FledBag 8

Save the hassle of spilling your big bag and get yourself a FledBag!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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