Enkeeo Lite: 4-In-1 Camping Fan Has Power Bank, Torch and Light

The ENKEEO 4-in-1 is a mini camping fan that features a built-in torch, LED desk lamp and a 4,000 mAh power bank. Its compact, small and portable design lets you carry it around anywhere – like the office or a camping tent. Perfect for when you need the right light source for any occasion, the ENKEEO offers two light source modes: flashlight and desk lamp.

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The mini-fan lets you bring fresh and cool air to yourself, rotating 180-degrees for up to 12 hours. There’s also three different wind speeds for you to adjust however you like it.

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Camping Fan 4

Along with the mini-fan, is a 4,000 mAh power bank that you can use to charge your phone, tablet, or any other device on-the-go. Never worry about running out of power again, great for multi-functional use.

Camping Fan 5

The ENKEEO Lite’s sleek and stylish design makes it the go-to portable camping fan for any trip. Not only does it look great, but it also has many features, making it the the best mini-fan no matter the circumstance.

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