Somabar: Automated Robotic Bartender That Is Wi-Fi Connected

The Somabar Robotic Bartender is a wi-fi controlled drink machine that can make up to 300 different drinks with a simple push of a button. All the drink orders are controlled using a smart phone app. You can choose from a pre-created drink menu, or mix your own custom cocktail. After every new cocktail, Somabar flushes the previous cocktail so that your next cocktail isn’t mixed with any other unexpected flavors.

Bartender Machine 1

Bartender Machine 2

The ingredients for the Somabar are stored in what are called ‘Soma Pods’. These pods are airtight ensuring the ingredients never leak being easily extracted when needed. After the ingredients are extracted, Somabar’s proprietary static mixing technology ensures your cocktail is properly mixed before going into the glass.

Bartender Machine 3

Bartender Machine 4

All the controls are controlled on the smart phone app. The app makes it easy to track inventory of your ingredients and even customize your own cocktail creations. You can adjust how strong and weak you want your cocktail, as well as, get recommendations with the current ingredients you have.

Bartender Machine 5

The Somabar is the perfect automatic bartender for those summer parties! It lets you spend more of your time with your friends instead of mixing drinks all night.

Bartender Machine 6

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