ENO Bug Nets: Rest in Your Hammock Without Annoying Bug Bites

Do you love relaxing in your hammock while camping but hate the annoying bugs flying around you? The ENO bug nets are perfect for you! They’re designed to protect you from bugs while you lie in your hammock peacefully.


The bug nets completely surround you and the hammock, giving you 360 degree protection from nasty bugs! It’s made from nylon taffeta and ultra-fine mesh, ensuring maximum durability and comfort while you’re inside the hammock net.


The nets weigh less than 20 ounces each, making them easy to stuff into the included carrying bag—you can travel anywhere without them weighing you down! You can hang it from anywhere, and the sleek design goes with almost any hammock style.


The inside is roomy enough to give you space, but small enough to keep the bugs out! The zipper makes it easy to crawl in and out, and it works with other ENO hammocks, including the Double Nest style.


If you hate bugs when you’re chilling out on a hammock, you need this net for your next camping trip!


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ENO Guardian SL Bug Net
Available in four colors


ENO Guardian Bug Net