Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail: Prevent Your Kids from Falling Out of the Bed

Does your child fall out of their bed during the night? The Regalo Hide Away Bed Rail is perfect for you! It’s designed to safely protect your child from falling out of bed while they sleep.


The bed rail is easy to assemble, requiring no tools! When you’re not using it, the bed rail tucks away under your mattress—out of sight, out of mind. The spring locking knobs lock into place easily, staying secure during the night.


Simply push down on the knobs, and the bed rail will lock into your desired position. When your child wants to get out of bed, push on the spring locking knobs to release the lock and the rail will fold down!


The rail has gap guard protection, preventing a gap from forming between the rail and the mattress. This keeps your child safe and secure during the night. Plus, it has a durable mesh nylon fabric that covers the frame, making it comfortable to the touch!


It’s designed to fit virtually any mattress—it can grow with your child!


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Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail
Available in white and pink