Esferic WaterDrop: The Folding Watering Can

Let’s be honest, nobody just turns on the tap in a shower and gets to it right away. We spend at least a couple of seconds waiting for the water to warm up.

Did you know the average person wastes 3-6 liters just waiting for the shower to get hot?

Wouldn’t it be great to save all that water?

Esferic is the company behind the WaterDrop.

A tote that collects the cold water from the shower and turns into a folding water can for other purposes.

Collect the cold water coming out from a faucet and use it to water plants, give your pet a drink or even just use it for general cleaning.

Simply hang your tote in the shower, put your flexible shower head into the bag and fill it with the cold water.

Once the water begins to heat up, you can detach the bag and celebrate because you just saved around 3 liters of water!

The tote bag can be carried around the shoulder and comes with a hose that allows you to pour the water directly.

It comes in two sizes, one especially small for children so they too can help save the environment.

The tote is made with TPU ( thermoplastic polyurethane) and it is one of the top plastic materials with high resistant qualities.

Start saving the future with your very own Esferic Waterdrop!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Esferic WaterDrop Tote Bag
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