Peekapet: The Safer Way to Drive with Your Dog

Do you love driving with your dog, but you’re afraid of rolling down the window too much? The Peekapet is perfect for you! It’s designed to let your dog hang out the car window in a safe way.


It fits snugly around the car door, and the hole is designed to fit each breed and size of dog. They’re placed at different levels, corresponding to different dog sizes—your furry best friend will have a perfect fit no matter how big or small they are!


Velcro straps secure the Peekapet to the car door, and the drawstring ensures a tight fit! Because of the dual cut-out design, you can still roll your rear window up and down with no issues.


It comes in several adorable styles to match both your and your dog’s personality! The hole is designed to secure your dog while letting them enjoy the great outdoors.


If your dog enjoys looking out the window, but you want to keep them safe, the Peekapet is the perfect car accessory for your pet!


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Available in several styles