Everyday Blade: The Pocket Knife That Holds 12 Blades

If you’ve ever been caught without a knife when you needed one, the Everyday Blade is perfect for you! It’s designed to hold 12 different blades in one small unit.


Typical pocket knives are bulky and require a lot of maintenance. As well, it usually is more than what you need for most tasks. What if you could have a knife that could do multiple tasks without taking up a lot of space?


The tiny design can fit 12 kinds of blades, and you can use it right- or left-handed. It has single-handed opening and closing, and you can replace the blades quickly and easily. It takes inexpensive off-the-shelf blades, but they’re razor sharp.


The hard lock will keep the knife secure when it’s both closed and opened, and the streamlined shape prevents it from catching on your clothes. Plus, you can take it on planes—it’s travel-safe and great to use no matter where you are.


This multi-tool will be your new favorite thing!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Everyday Blade