Spyra One: The Water Guns for Grown-Ups

If you love playing with water guns on a hot summer day, the Spyra One is perfect for you! It’s designed to bring the fun from your childhood water fights to an adult water gun.


You can deliver clear hits with water bullets, and the digital display will tell you how much battery you have left and how much water’s in your tank—never be caught in a water fight empty-handed!


The water gun features a quick auto-refill feature—in just fourteen seconds, you’ll have a full tank and you’re ready to go! You have constant pressure from the beginning of your first shot to your last shot.


Each water bullet is exactly 30 mL—simply pull the trigger and watch the water hit your target! It combines range with precision, letting you hit your target perfectly every time. You can hit someone over seven meters away!


The best part? No more pumping for pressure!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Spyra One